2014 Food Specific Destinations for Food Lovers

Posted on: 8th February 2014

Vacations are all about two major things for fun – a change in location and a change in cuisine. There are many who love to travel because they love to discover new things about food, new tastes, new ingredients, new styles of eating and so much more. Sometimes travel is just to go to that one place where your favorite dish has been invented, perfected or best prepared.

For those adventurous about food here are some suggestions from among the top destination for food lovers:

  1. Havana, Cuba – this is heaven for those who love lobster. In the USA, lobster is a pricey indulgence, in Havana it is available in plenty, cheap and cooked to perfection. The servings are huge and simply delicious. Recommended to try out is the lobster served at restaurant Los Nardos, Havana.
  1. Sochi, Russia – many will travel to Sochi this winter for the Olympics 2014. If you plan to travel to Sochi for the Olympics or any other reason remember to look up and try the khachapuri. This is a phenomenal “cheese sandwich” type preparation made of yeast bread and sulguni (a local salty cheese). It is so amazingly tasty and satisfying that it is even worth putting Sochi on your travel list only to have this experience.
  1. Oden, Japan – this is a country where food is an art. The food in Japan is perhaps the best combination of tasty and healthy cooking. One among the dishes you have to taste in its original splendor is oden. This is a soup which has a multitude of ingredients, i.e. meat, vegetables, eggs, fish cakes, and tofu among others. The rich flavor and the variety of texture of its ingredients make this soup a gastronomical delight.
  1. Melbourne, Australia – the dish ‘chicken parmigiana’ is basically an Italian dish. However, Melbourne seems to have borrowed and perfected this particular dish into a phenomenal treat. This is a chicken-cheese-and-ham treat that you will never forget. Check out the one served at the “Mrs Pharma” in Melbourne.
  1. Philippines – when you are traveling to Philippines you should not forget to try the adobo. This is the national dish of this country so you will find everywhere you go. A simple ingredient stew -  meat, garlic, vinegar and soy sauce – you will be surprised how tasty it can be. It is normally served with a portion of plain rice.
  1. Le Marche, Italy – this is for all who love lasagna. This little hill town in Italy will serve the most exquisite, melting-in-the-mouth lasagna you have ever tasted. There will be these 12 layers filled with parmesan cheese, béchamel sauce, wild mushrooms, truffles, lamb sweetbreads, chicken liver, and Parma ham/ veal ragout. Just out of this world.

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