16 Quick And Very Interesting Facts About Gambling

Posted on: 26th July 2014

Gambling FactsThere are many interesting facts told about gambling. Some are fun, some are odd, and yet some are plain superstitions; together however, they make some very interesting reading. Check out the following facts about gambling and have a little fun while adding to your knowledge:

  1. The roulette is also known as the “Devil’s game”. Besides the fact that it is totally addictive (irresistibly tempting), the name is drawn from the fact that all the numbers on a roulette add up to 666.
  2. At any given time there is a 1:649,740 chance to get the highest combination of cards in poker - the royal flush.
  3. Las Vegas draws about 40 million tourists every year. The amount spent on gambling in LA every year is about $43 million.
  4. Gambling is addictive; 5 percent of people who gamble online become addicted to it. “Addiction” means they no longer play for fun. They spend money irresponsibly and get into debt; yet are unable to stop gambling. About 75 percent will have a problem with gambling over time.
  5. Of all people gambling, 84 percent are men.
  6. There are daily jackpots in Las Vegas; but the winnings are meager – about $108. However, the largest win at Las Vegas in slots is $39,713,982.25.
  7. Keno is the luckiest of all games; the chance to win at Keno is 27%. The worst is with Bingo, which is 2.7%.
  8. Poker is the most common game played online. However, it looks like Bingo is steadily becoming the leader. Experts are predicting that Bingo will be the most popular game online in a couple of years.
  9. About 11 percent of all Internet users have gambled online.
  10. Did you know that cards suits represent classes of French society? Clubs indicate peasants, diamonds indicate merchants, hearts indicate clergy and spades are royalty.
  11. The playing dices were once upon a time instruments to predict the future.
  12. The typical age group of regular gamblers (non-addicts) is 17-65. People after 65 tend to gamble less.
  13. You will not find clocks or windows at any casino – for obvious reasons.
  14. The majestic MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas is larger than the Yankee Stadium playing field.
  15. The sandwich was invented during a gambling session. The Fourth Earl of Sandwich – John Montagu – needed to keep one hand free while eating so he could gamble; so he put the meat between two breads so he could do both tasks uninhibitedly.
  16. Keno seems to be the oldest game of gambling in the world. Record puts as originating around 205-187 BC in during the Han Dynasty as a method to generate money to build the army.

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