10 Ways To Enhance Your Luck – And Perhaps Win The Next Lottery

Posted on: 30th July 2014

Lottery LuckWhen you are buying a lottery ticket, you would like to believe that you have a good chance to win. Here are some superstitions/ beliefs about methods that attract good luck, money and prosperity. Try any one or more these methods and perhaps the next lottery winner is you:

  1. Fish Scales To Attract Money - Carry a few fish scales in your wallet/ handbag. It is believed to attract inflow of cash.
  1. Gift On Christmas – make sure that you have given at least one gift on Christmas. Not giving a gift on Christmas pulls in bad luck and poverty.
  1. Coins In Kitchen – keep a small bowl of coins in the kitchen. It is believed that it will pull in more money.
  1. Carry Salt – salt has long since been associated with money and prosperity. Carry a small amount of salt with you all the time. It is best if you carry it in your wallet. Change it often – as it is believed that it loses its powers over time.
  1. Friday, the 13th – it is considered extremely lucky to buy lottery on this day. People from all over the world give in to temptation on this day, to test their luck.
  1. Your Birth-date Coin – look for a coin that bear the year of your birth. Carry this coin in your wallet/ handbag all the time. It will bring you good fortune.
  1. Toss A Coin In A Well – whenever you pass a well, toss in a coin. It is believed to bring you good fortune. This perhaps started long ago, when people did now know how the water in the wells comes and why sometimes they dry up. To thank the deity of the well, and keep water full they started to throw in coins.
  1. Chanting For Money – in Sicily, it is believed that if you hold a silver coin in your hand, on a full moon night when the light fully reflects on the coin and chant “Benvenuta luna che mi porti fortuna!” which translates as “Welcome Moon. May you bring me good fortune!” – you will pull in good fortune.
  1. Spiders – if a spiders walks on you inadvertently, do not be scared, be happy. It means you are going to wear new clothes.
  1.  Dreams That Foretell Good Fortune – it is believed that if you dream a pig, gold or a dragon good luck has come to you. This would be a good time to go and buy a lottery ticket.


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