10 Tips To Make Your Mark In Art And Designs Competitions

Posted on: 15th June 2014

art and designs competitionsIf you are a beginner in the field of arts and design then participating in various arts and design competitions is one of the ways of showing your talent. Judges in these contests pick the best artwork and design and if you want to make a mark in these competitions then you must know few tips. Here are the ten tips that can help you in winning the art and design contests:

Portraying a unique work

Your work must be unique and it should appeal to the audience. Then only the judges will select your work.

Conveying the message

It is important that you convey your message to the audience and the judges. Whatever is your subject or theme the audience and judges must not get confused by what you want to say. If you are spreading social awareness then all the people must understand your message.

Making a good colour combination

Any artwork and design would be appealable to the audience if the colour used in that is appropriate. Make sure that the colour combination that you have chosen is viable for giving right message.


In any art and design contest judges always look for the presentation and choose the best one.

Always present original work

When you participate in any art and design contest the judges expect original work from you. Never compromise with the originality. Taking inspiration is alright but if you are copying someone’s work then you might face rejection.

Following the guidelines of the competition

You can face rejection if you don’t present the work as per the guidelines of the competition. If you want appreciation from the judges then you must present the art and design as per the guidelines of the competition.

Getting guidance from eminent artist

It is one of the best options if you want to make big in any art and design contest that you must get guidance by any great artist. With the guidance of any eminent designer you can present your work in a correct way.

Taking up social issues

Through art and design you can easily show any social issue. Making people aware about social issues through your art and design is one of the ways if you want to make a mark in these competitions.

Making improvements

You must make improvements in case you find any defects in your work. You work will become finer if you learn from your mistakes.

Get yourself aware about new inventions

If you are entering into any design contest then you must keep an eye on new advancements that are coming. This will help you in making a mark in these competitions.


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