Facebook Competitions

Social media has come a long way since 2006. The new ways of connecting have not just attracted people who want to chat and share pictures with their friends, but the superstars of online marketing too: and they love throwing Facebook competitions.

There’s no doubt that Facebook has the lion’s share of the social media market. It’s the first stop for businesses and people who want to keep their ears to the ground.

One of the best ways to reach out to your customer base is to offer them prizes, through Facebook competitions. Facebook contests have two benefits. Companies get valuable feedback from their existing customers, and also advertise products to new customers.

In the world of internet marketing, your success lies in the reach of your product. Translating this into actual sales requires solid strategies; not to mention an audience willing to purchase. Facebook competitions are a quick way to develop a relationship with your online audience. People entering your contest will read feedback left by your existing happy customers, increasing the chances of attracting new customers and making more sales.

Because of the opportunity to win prizes, there are heaps of people who want to enter Facebook giveaways. Social media contests are among the easiest to win if you follow the rules. Before you enter a Facebook contest, you should take the time to see what the advertisers are offering, entry requirements, and so on.

Tomorro has done the ground work in bringing the best Facebook competitions to its members. You can take part in dozens of prize draws, giveaways and contest based on our unique profiling system, which categories the best competitions around. You have the chance to win heaps of items, as you can enter loads of contests based on your preferences all from a single webpage .

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