Enjoy the feeling of winning Channel 7 competitions just by watching your favourite shows on TV! Prime 7 competitions are giving you the opportunity to win big or small prizes. With huge variety, there are plenty of prizes to be won, just by watching Prime 7. In the past, Channel 7 competitions have given people the chance to become contestants on some of their most famous shows such as Australia’s favourite My Kitchen Rules. Stay on the look-out with Channel 7 competitions and you could be next up to be competing on your own favourite show!

Start Your Adventure

As one of Australia’s major commercial network stations, Channel 7 offers a wide range of services, including providing you with competitions that can take you all over the world. Enter quickly and you can be in the running to win all sorts of prizes. Embark on a cultural experience set to blow your mind with Channel 7’s latest travel competition which takes you all the way to the city of Rome to visit the national of museum. The best part about winning a Channel 7 competition is that you don’t have to worry about missing out on your favourite TV shows while you’re overseas! 7 Plus is the ultimate platform for watching live TV through your mobile.

How to Enter Channel 7 Competitions:

With so many different ways to enter a competition, we suggest you enter your favourite types, whether it’s a 25 words or less competition, or enter the draw to win. You’re guaranteed to have a more enjoyable experience entering and winning your competition. Our personal favourite for competition choice are the code word competitions – it just makes winning so easy and simple. Watch Channel 7 and keep a lookout for the code word of the night, once you have spotted the code word, click straight through to the competition and enter your code. We guarantee you’ll have the best experience winning with Tomorro competitions!

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