Channel 9 Competitions are giving away the biggest prizes to be won. Prizes come in all different sizes and variety: win a luxury holiday trip overseas, claim a mega cash giveaway or even get the kids involved by submitting their own original artworks to the WB artwork competition. Channel 9 is by far the leading network station in Australia when it comes to providing a fun and exciting way to win MORE prizes! This is your chance to be in the limelight, by entering into a Channel 9 competition and winning now.

Be In the Draw to Win

Make sure to increase your chances of winning by entering as many competitions as you can! Since all our competitions are free there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from entering as many as you want. If you want to win BIG you have to play BIG! Many viewers may get turned off from the idea of entering competitions due to the sheer amount of participants, but the best advice we can give is to enter into competitions that you personally enjoy and can have fun with! This is where we say “why not bring the kids along!”, because there are a whole heap of drawing and arts competitions for them to enter as well.

Enter a Channel 9 Competition:

Winning free stuff is arguably one of the best feelings, we couldn’t agree more. What feels even better is being able to GIVEAWAY free stuff so make sure you know how to enter into our Channel 9 competitions so you’re not missing out. Channel 9 is currently running huge competitions that include a mega cash giveaway or various prizes just by watching The Block. The Block competition can be completed in just seconds, all you have to do is VOTE for whichever couple you believe created the best room. It almost feels too easy!


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